The international children's festival is a kind of trademark of Šibenik. It was held for the first time in 1958 and soon turned into a big festival of international importance.

During the festival held in June, all the squares and streets come alive and the city is completely dominated by children from different parts of the world. MDF encourages many ideas in various art forms of children's creativity: dramatic, puppetry, music-stage, film, literary and fine art.

"Every year at the beginning of summer, Šibenik welcomes all the children of the world.

Every day at the beginning of summer, Krešimir's town is full of flowers.

Šibenik is a children's city and a city of children. This is confirmed for the 62nd year in a row by inviting children and numerous artists to the festival meeting, socializing and creating. Sincere and open meetings in which the artist and the child, the artist and the artist, the child and the child are reflected in each other - build the prerequisite for the maintenance of all that is beautiful and good. In addition, these meetings open numerous possibilities of creating something new for a more beautiful and better upbringing, for a more beautiful and better life and world.

Šibenik is a city of games and a city of art. Art without play does not exist, and art without a child would not have its original beginning. During the fourteen days of the festival, children's games and games for children joyfully flow through the streets of Krešimir's city, meet and intertwine. On those days, Šibenik reminds and encourages children and adults to play with words, voices, sounds, movements, lines, spots, colors, frames, scenes, songs, dances, music... This series continues almost endlessly if we know that every game has countless the possibilities of beginning, course and duration and that each end of the game is just a short respite until the new momentum of some new game and some new creation.

Meetings, games, art and children every year at the time of the Festival say goodbye to spring and joyfully welcome summer by celebrating the longest days of daylight in Šibenik's squares and streets. And it is precisely in that light and warmth of the shiny and bright streets of Šibenik's old town that new ideas for new games and new creations germinate most successfully. In this light and warmth, open, lively and sincere views grow most fruitfully in the encounters between children and artists.

Let's stretch out the palm, catch the light, keep the warmth and go joyfully into the days of the 62nd International Children's Festival. Let's enjoy every image, word, meeting, smile, sound and movement of all those who love to play and grow in creation. May every festival minute of the brightest days of the year be cheerful, beautiful and good, and every step fluffy and easy.

Let's go together."

Sanja Polak

writer for children and adults

(Content taken from: www.mdf-sibenik.com)