Educational trail on Murtet - 'Murterske Vedute'

The Development Agency of the Šibenik-Knin County has acquired interpretation equipment, more precisely signposts, totems, interactive boards, graphics and installations for the educational trail 'Murterske veduta' in Gradina.

Along with the HISTORIC project, this educational trail will also contribute to the interpretation and presentation of the rich history of our island and the revitalization of the locality, and it will be installed and opened by June 15 at the latest.

- Special emphasis of this project is placed on revitalizing and equipping micro-tourist destinations precisely with the aim of providing support to local communities in the protection and promotion of natural and cultural heritage and tackling the impact of tourism - say the Development Agency and add that the equipment is worth around 160 thousand HRK and is financed from the cross-border project of the ŠKŽ Development Agency 'Take it Slow'.

Let us remind you that a few years ago, the first and only archaeological beach in Croatia was arranged in this area on the foundations of the ancient site of Colentum, and in 2019, in cooperation with the Museum of the City of Šibenik, headed by director Željko Krnčević, and the Municipality of Murter-Kornati, the Project began. HISTORIC. And through this project, it is planned to arrange a maritime educational path as well as the one on the beach itself, and a multimedia guide with AR/VR technology will be created, as well as a PRODUCT CLUB will be established that will promote local producers, restaurateurs and tourism workers in the territory of our municipality.

- The educational trail "Murterske veduta" will be set up and open until the beginning of the season, we are grateful to the Development Agency that understands the branding needs of this locality. We believe that somehow in the same time frame we will complete the maritime educational path as well as the one on the beach itself, so that we complete this story - Mayor Turčinov told us and added that he will soon organize a cleaning, mowing and landscaping campaign with the help of associations, volunteers and employees Municipalities and Murtele.

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